Progress Testing in Gainesville FL [1]

About Progress Testing

For more than 17 years, Progress Testing has consistently brought together a staff of outstanding content specialists who represent more than 100 years of assessment and item-development experience within our company. We are specialists in state-specific item banks for core subjects, having developed market-leading banks for Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Now used in more than 300 Texas districts, STAAR Test Maker’s living item bank is constantly refreshed and updated. Progress Testing’s highly trained Item Development Team carefully analyzes all information released by the Texas Education Agency about the TEKS, the STAAR, and all things assessment. Our team then applies this knowledge to curate and grow the item bank.

We perform these analyses constantly to make sure our item bank is always up to date, and we pay very careful attention to the feedback we receive from our teachers and assessment specialists to guide us in our continued development of our living STAAR Test Maker item bank.

Our methodology ensures that our items aligned to the TEKS and the STAAR in format, wording, and rigor.