Reading Passages and Test Items


Reading Grade 5 Item Sample


STAAR Test Maker Reading features passages for grades 1 through 8 and for ELA I, II, and III. Passages and test items are created specifically for Texas by an in-house team of experienced assessment writers and editors.

The Reading item bank offers the following special features:

  • Each tested grade includes 60-100 passages.
  • All materials are grade-level appropriate, and each item primarily assesses one Student Expectation.
  • All Readiness and Supporting Standards are covered in each grade and skill area, including vocabulary, media literacy, rhetorical techniques, poetic forms, and literary devices.
  • The item bank includes passages and items for more difficult expectations, such as those covering myths, epic poems, and rhetorical fallacies.



Reading Item Highlights


The item bank includes ALL Reading passage types found on STAAR exams: Fiction, Expository, Persuasive, Drama, Procedural, User Manuals, Craft Projects, Poetry (Narrative, Lyrical, Free Verse, Epic).

Items are written to match STAAR formatting and style; vocabulary conforms to EDL grade levels.

Paired passages are available for each grade, and they include a broad range of topics.

Items are selectable by DOK, Lexile, Word Count, Dale-Chall, Spache, and more.

Passages and test items undergo rigorous review and revision to keep them current, relevant, and free of bias — scenarios are inclusive across gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion.

Passages often include numerous graphics and corresponding questions about tone, formality, audience, message, and medium.

Writers and editors follow Texas Education Agency item-creation guidelines.



Writing Passages and Test Items



Grade 4 Writing Item Samples

STAAR Test Maker includes more than 40 prompts for each STAAR-tested grade (4, 7, ELA I, ELA II, ELA III) and assesses all Revision and Editing standards for every STAAR-tested grade.

Our Writing prompts are Texas-specific and cover the Literary (Fiction and Literary Nonfiction) and Informational (Expository and Persuasive) genres, including Personal Narrative for grades 4 and 7.

All Writing prompts adhere to the Composition, Revision, and Editing Reporting Categories.

All prompts are phrased and formatted to match the STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards and include student response areas.

Revision and Editing passages and items are designed to assess students’ knowledge of, and ability to implement, fundamental and advanced composition skills.