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STAAR Test Maker covers all tested subjects and grades, plus intermediate grades and Spanish!


English Language Arts

Reading: Grades 1 – 8,

Writing: Grades 4 and 7,

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Grades 1 – 8
Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

(Includes all of the
newest MATH TEKS)

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Grades 3 – 8
Biology, Chemistry,
and Physics

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Social Studies

Grades 3 – 8
World Geo, World History,
and US History

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Elementary Reading, Writing,
Math, Science, and Social Studies (up to grade 5)

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STAAR Test Maker Item Bank


STAAR Test Maker includes more than 65,000 of the highest-quality Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies items for use by Texas educators.

All items are specifically written to the STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards and the latest TEKS.

All items are written, edited, and designed by our team of experienced assessment writers and editors.

Our item bank is continually refined and updated based upon user input and ever-changing Texas Education Agency requirements.




Compare Our Test Items to the STAAR

Our STAAR Test Maker item bank aligns with the STAAR standards in format, wording, and rigor. Below, you can view side-by-side comparisons of items from state-released STAAR tests and Progress Testing’s STAAR Test Maker items. You will notice that the questions are almost identical.




1. Passages

In-depth, high-value passages closely match the structure and rigor of STAAR passages.

2. Format

Items are identical in wording and format to STAAR items and include high-quality graphics.

3. Rigor

Items are high rigor, use real-world scenarios, and require multistep problem solving.

4. Distractors

All distractors are designed to represent real mathematical errors, ensuring item reliability.



Item Types

STAAR Test Maker features all item types found on STAAR exams. Below are some of the guidelines we follow when constructing each item type.


Multiple-Choice Item Type

Multiple-Choice Test Items

  • Multiple-choice test items take about one minute to answer.
  • Multiple-choice test items have four answer choices. By default, these answer choices are labeled like the actual STAAR exam (A, B, C, D or F, G, H, I) for alternating items.
  • All multiple-choice test items have only one correct answer, and answer choices are presented vertically underneath the question.
  • All distractors are plausible, relevant, and appropriate for the tested grade level.
  • Items are constructed to avoid all forms of bias.


Gridded-Response and Fill-In-Response Test Items

  • Gridded-response and fill-in-response items take an average of 1.5 minutes per item to answer.
  • Bubble grids used in gridded-response test items are grade appropriate and contain four, five, six, or seven columns. Each column contains the digits 0 through 9 enclosed in bubbles.
  • Items are constructed to avoid all forms of bias.
Gridded-Response Item Type


Cognitive Complexity

Depth of Knowledge

STAAR Test Maker follows the Texas Education Agency’s guidelines when classifying the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) of test items.

The DOK levels (1-4) form a description of the demands an item may make on a student. This classification is an integral component of STAAR Test Maker’s item creation process.

Educators can sort and select test items by DOK as appropriate for their specific needs.