Science Test Items



EOC Biology Item Sample

STAAR Test Maker’s Science item bank meets or exceeds the TEKS Readiness and Supporting Standards. Our Science item bank includes the following:

  • NEW streamlined Science TEKS
  • More than 10,000 items that cover grades 3 – 8 Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • All STAAR-eligible science TEKS are well distributed within the item bank, and each Expectation has enough questions to stand alone as one testing unit.
  • Items match the style and format of released STAAR and EOC items.
  • The item bank includes high-quality questions for Expectations that are notoriously difficult to test.
  • All STAAR-eligible question types are offered for each tested grade level. Gridded-response bubble grids at each grade match the grade-level specifications established by TEA.
  • Items contain scenarios that interest students and include familiar contexts, such as Texas flora, fauna, and geography.


Science Item Features

Questions for all skill subsets are enumerated within each expectation. For example, over 100 items exist for the Physics expectation 2.P.5.F (design, construct, and calculate in terms of current through, potential differences across, resistance of, and power used by electric circuit elements connected in both series and parallel combinations), which can be combined to test all possible skill subsets (design electric circuits with elements connected in a series, calculate the effective resistance of resistors connected in parallel, and so on).

Our bank is extensively reviewed to avoid bias—scenarios are inclusive across gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion.

Items are rigorous and designed to test high, moderate, and low Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels (more than 80% have a moderate or high DOK).

A large portion of the items test Process Student Expectations, a percentage similar to that required by the state.

Items are grade-level appropriate, follow the EDL vocabulary guidelines, adhere to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Rules and Guidelines, and focus on current scientific methodologies to encourage students to think critically and analytically.

Artwork designed by our professional illustrators in conjunction with our highly skilled editorial team.