Test Creation and Progress Monitoring Software


STAAR Test Maker Software

Easily create and print rigorous, STAAR-aligned tests from your desktop computer.

  • Choose from more than 55,000 items aligned to the latest TEKS for all STAAR-tested subjects and grades.
  • Create transadapted Spanish assessments tailored to fit your students’ needs.
  • Monitor student results with helpful color-coded reports.




Stress-Free Test Creation


STAAR Test Maker lets you create a test in just a few easy steps:

  1. Select your subject and grade.
  2. Select the Expectations that you want to assess.
  3. Browse the items that match your search and select your items.
  4. Edit, rearrange, or add your own test items.
  5. Format your test just the way you want it.

In minutes, you have an aligned, rigorous STAAR Test ready to print.

Everything you need to create tests is included on the software, including our Texas-specific item bank. STAAR Test Maker is available in three editions: Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Teacher using STAAR Test Maker




Create Reliable STAAR Tests in Minutes


STAAR Test Maker is sold as an unlimited site license

Install the software on individual computers or in a shared folder so your faculty can access it wherever they need it.


To schedule a live, interactive web demonstration of STAAR Test Maker, call us today at 800-930-TEST.


STAAR Test Maker is designed so that even the most computer-shy teacher can be quickly up and running. Now you can save valuable time while creating reliable tools to measure students’ strengths and weaknesses.



Student Data, Simplified

STAAR Test Maker gives teachers control over their data.

The software’s included Progress Reporter allows teachers to see formative-assessment data in every required category by creating detailed, color-coded reports. Quickly generate Student, Test, and Class reports as you need them.


STAAR Test Maker Software


Student Reports


Test Scores

List all of the test scores for an individual student.

Expectation Progress

Track the student’s test-by-test progress by Expectation.

Expectation Summary

Break down the student’s performance by Expectation.

Test Reports



Tabulate important test statistics for an entire class.

Student Answers

List the answers and scores for all students in an entire class for the selected test, allowing you to compare students’ answers against one another.

Item Analysis

List how students performed on each question of a specific test, including common incorrect responses, and list the strand, benchmark, p-value, and discrimination index for each item on the test.

Expectation Summary

Break down the performance by Expectation for all students in a class.

Expectation Detail

See the proficiency levels for students for each Expectation on a specific test. Students are grouped by proficiency level for each Expectation.

Scores by Demographic Group

Separate the class scores by demographic.

Class Reports


Test Scores

List the scores of selected tests for each student in a class.

Benchmark Summary

Detail the performance, by Expectation, of all students.

Expectation Detail

See the proficiency levels for students for each Expectation.

Expectation Progress

Track the class’s test-by-test progress by Expectation.