Spanish-Language Test Items



Spanish-Language Writing Grade 4 Item Sample

STAAR Test Maker’s item bank features test items for all grades and subjects in the STAAR Spanish Assessments. In addition, we have added Spanish item banks for Reading and Math grades 1 and 2, and Science and Social Studies grades 3 – 5.

Our transadapted items are specifically tailored to address all STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards while aligning with appropriate TEKS. All items have been transadapted by Texas educators from our intensely reviewed English-language items and meet the same high standards as all STAAR Test Maker items.



Spanish-Language Item Features

All items follow STAAR style and format and Spanish-language conventions.

Each STAAR Expectation is well covered in the item bank, with a sufficient number of items to create a complete test for each Expectation.

Items feature high-quality Spanish-language graphics that are created by our professional illustrators in conjunction with our team of assessment writers and editors to meet STAAR specifications.

The item bank includes a distribution of high, moderate, and low Depth of Knowledge (DOK) items similar to what is found on the STAAR exam.

Items are constructed to avoid bias — scenarios are inclusive across gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion.

Our dynamic item bank is always improving as we add new items and update our content to meet changing teacher and administrator needs.